Preparations for moving out are going well. I have at least gone through all the rubbish in various corners of my room and decided what to keep, toss, or sell. A rather large accomplishment and one that has been niggling vociferously in my noggin for some time. Go me.

I have sent off all of the paperwork on my end, signed what needs to be signed, and we have a definite date for moving in and the enlisted help of some friends.

So, what now? I have a couple weeks left until the actual move – I’m stuck at home waiting and twiddling my thumbs, playing hours of pyramid solitaire and trying to blog. Books and TV only vaguely old my interest, and most of the time I’m just waiting in the time between meals.

But never fear, oh readers of mine who despair over my lethargy; I am not all lost. I have created some lists to help me set down good roots in my new abode. For instance, I have created both a morning and evening routine full of relaxing and/or productive things to help me round out my days. A day well rounded is, well, rounded.

I got the idea from the book One Bite at a Time by Tsh Oxenreider. She has 52 projects to help streamline your life, finances, and home. I love the book. Simple and doable. As far as the morning and evening routines go, she argues that having a set of habits that you repeat, as simple as they may be, helps structure your life by providing ‘book-ends.’ I agree.

For a taster, my morning routine;

  • Drink water
  • Make bed
  • Shower/get ready
  • Breakfast outside on the patio (my apartment has one. Huzzah!)
  • Pray/Meditate

And the evening;

  • Make to-do list for next day
  • Bible reading
  • Quick Journal/Brain dump
  • Pick out clothes for next day
  • Read for 10-15 minutes

She has more options and ideas – I just picked the ones I thought would work for me. I tend to be on the computer right before bed, and it makes sleeping difficult, so I want to change that.

I honestly think it will help me, especially as I have added brain dump for my list of evening habits. My brain is one of those that like to poke at me all through the night with interesting anecdotes and ideas. Accursed thing.

I’m also slowly working on a meal and exercise plan, to be started immediately upon arrival at the new place, and school will start soon after, so my schedule will be full and unable to be gotten round. I do love being busy because it saves me the trouble of doing it myself. I sound utterly lazy. For shame.



personal success


A few weeks ago I made a diagram of what I wanted in my life – something definable I could label as success. I mean, what does success really mean? There’s no list in the world that lays out a very specific idea. There are generalizations, like being rich, famous, happy, married, or whatever you’ve heard, but nothing detailed. The amounts of wealth vary, as do the definitions of happiness and fame.

For me, I’ve struggled with the pressure to be successful my whole life, most of it self-inflicted. But I had no notions of what that success would look like. How dumb is it to go chasing something with no parameters? Very dumb.

In order to escape this faceless demon of undefined success, I decided to create the diagram. What would success look like for me? What did I hope to accomplish that I could label as having been successful in that area, and by extension, in life?

Here are a few things from my diagram (some of them were too personal to include).

Success Is:

– Being free from money worries – having x amount saved and invested

– Being able to pay cash for a home and car

– Working with language – as a translator, blogger, or writer

– Being fluent in Korean and Chinese

– Being able to eat out at nice restaurants and shop where I want – (I was specific here, you should be too)

– Being fit – which means reaching my goal weight, and engaging in some sort of sport or martial art

– Eating healthy, organic food

– Having an active ministry in a church I can fully support

– Having a small group of close friends I can rely on

– Being married and having kids, homeschooling those kids and equipping them to be independent of us

– Living in Asia – meeting awesome people

There you have it. Notice that most of these are money or lifestyle related, and none of them involve a certain education, job, or amount of fame. Per my definition, success is an ongoing thing. It’s not a destination, it’s a way of traveling. Some of these things I can start right away, and say, “I’m successful now,” which is really rewarding. I still struggle with wanting the normal ideas of success, like being famous or super rich, but I know deep down that I wouldn’t be any happier in that lifestyle, and it would create more problems than it would fix.

If you made a diagram, what would success look like for you?