what makes me feel adult(ish)


Definitely an adult. Look at me ordering coffee all cool like.

Things I do that make me think I’m an adult;

  • Wear slippers
  • Drink black coffee
  • Buy my own toilet paper
  • Make small talk with cashiers
  • Read more non-fiction than fiction
  • Buy wine, dark chocolate, and kale
  • Buy art print posters instead of nerd posters
  • Have a bunch of friends my age getting engaged/married/pregnant
  • Think ramen is not a decent meal


Definitely not an adult. Look at me being the one to make the kids keep playing tag.

Things I do that make me sure I’m not an adult;

  • Name my car (Sakamoto-san)
  • Have a giant pink pony plushie friend
  • Hate making phone calls/opening my door
  • Have nerd posters alongside my art posters
  • Never wear clothes at home (I seriously dig pajamas, yo)
  • Not know how to cook steak or fish
  • Think ramen is a decent meal

But all those rules are silly anyway. All that, “adults don’t (insert thing here).” Well, maybe adults don’t. Adults don’t hold grudges. But people do. And people are all ages. So maybe being an adult is like wisdom; it’s not an age, it’s an achievement. Or maybe I just say that to make myself feel adult. Is kidding yourself adultish?


NB – It’s finals week. Thank goodness I get these things written ahead of time. Booooofinalsssssssss.