the big 200


Guess what? I just hit 200 posts on TFA! ShaZAM! That’s a lot, and considering I don’t post every day (or even every week sometimes…ahem) that’s a long time. It means a lot, and when I saw the notification, I had to stop and think a minute. 200 posts. What does that signify, if anything? Where have I come from? Where am I going? It’s also kind of a coincidence that I also recently hit 200 followers. That’s not a big number by internet standards, but that’s a really crowded virtual room of people all (reading) listening to me. Kind of blows my mind.

This milestone sparked a train of thought. My history as a blogger has been pretty casual. If you want to read my blog journey, go here. I’ve always dreamed about making my blog my job, but it wasn’t ever very realistic in my head.

Now that I’m going somewhere and have been at this for a while, I can see how I can make it better. Yes, I’m still basically just a dinky lifestyle thought-spilling, stream-of-consciousness writing, mind-drooling blogger. But experience begets wisdom, and I’ve been watching the environment for a while now. I have big plans for when I get to Korea. Before then, even. You notice I’m expanding my talent base to include drawing – expect more new things. It’ll be a slow process. I’m going to self-host at some point, get my own domain name, spice things up a bit. I haven’t really ever had a goal before. I like sharing my life and thoughts, but it wasn’t for any specific purpose. I didn’t have an aim.

I’m working on one now. It’s like starting a business. You need a vision, and then the business plan. I’m still working on defining the vision, but you can be sure I’ll share it when it’s hashed out. And I want it to be big. Something beyond “Sharing about life in Asia from a white girl’s perspective.” That’s been done. It needs to be unique. After all, I’M A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE.

So happy 200th to me! May the next 200 be just as awesome. (And you guys, all you dear readers. You guys are awesome. Mwah.)


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