living with purpose


In many of the motivational books I read, I see the same advice; make choices everyday that move you towards your goal. This rule applies if you’re learning a language, trying to instill a character trait, or wanting to get fit.

First you define your goal or result, then break it down into smaller steps. After that, you work every day on those steps, and every thought, word and deed needs to be aligned to your purpose.

My purpose, or goal of the moment, is to live in Korea. I can break it down into smaller steps like this;

  • be reasonably fluent in Korean
  • play ukulele (I want to use this in my lessons, so it’s relevant)
  • have an amazing blog while in Korea
  • eat organically and exercise

Each of these steps I can also break into smaller pieces, and each of those into smaller, and so on ad infinitum.

What I love about this advice is that you literally have to make every minute of every day filled with whatever your goal is. I can’t have negative thoughts about learning a language, I can’t have low self-confidence, I can’t skimp on my blogging, and I can’t let myself get lazy, because all those are building habits that are stalling my goal. Instead, I need to constantly be thinking of Korean, I need to be working and planning my blog, I need to practice ukulele every day and try to implement small health improvements where I can.

This also means I can’t fill up my head and time with superfluous fluff that detracts from my goal. So even if I’m watching TV, I ought to make sure it’s Korean or be practicing uke at the same time.

I think that this can get exhausting though – maybe some people would be able to keep their goal fanatically in their minds, but I need some downtime occasionally where I really let my mind as well as body relax. Of course, I tend to do this too much, so who am I to advise it? >.>

Here are my small things that I’m doing to move me towards my goal;

  • practice Korean with my friends when I see them
  • listen to a Korean lesson three times a week
  • practice uke 30min a day
  • carry a blog journal/have intense sessions of writing 2 or 3 posts at a time
  • workout 3 times a week/park farther away and walk more

I also need to have a better attitude towards school, since that is something that is making my life in Korea possible. Ah, school, what a complicated relationship we have.


4 thoughts on “living with purpose

  1. Uh, you’re an INFJ too? That’s why we get along :) (My friend made me take the test not too long ago so it’s all still bouncing around in my mind.) Oh, so back to goals…figuring out what works for you seems to be half the battle. As we say in Thai “sue sue” which means “fight fight” – good luck Otter girl ;)

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