blog planning

It’s happening again. I can see in my mind how I want my future blog to look; I have the layout, the logo, the posts, the life behind it, everything all ready to go. The problem…is doing something about it.

Alright fellow bloggers, do you do this too? Do you sit and plan and sketch and draw diagrams of blog posts but put off actually writing the darn things? I mean, if I’m resorting to writing about not writing like I am at this moment…well, shoot.

But I love planning. I may even like the planning better than the blogging. I should be a professional Blog Planner, and have a movie made about me. But let’s go with action rather than rom-com.

I digress. Lately I’ve been planning my Korea blog. Once the Flying Armchair flies to Korea, things will change. I’ll have some new topics and a new focus, and hopefully a lot more material to share (school isn’t that interesting). That’s what I meant about planning the lifestyle behind the blog. Right now I’m not a good uke player, I can’t draw the things I want well, I can’t sing, I don’t have a balcony garden, I don’t homestead, I don’t use natural products and cook organically, I don’t tweak traditional recipes, I’m not teaching, I don’t go to indie concerts…the list goes on. All those things are things I want to do once I get to 한국.

But what I am doing is making lots of lists with colored markers that detail the kind of life I want to lead. Now, living it? That’s another matter.



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