spring resolutions

I’ve been training for a marathon recently. Now, that makes me sound quite athletic and impressive, doesn’t it? But the truth is I’ve never run before in my life, and this is a desperate attempt to keep up some kind of workout routine. I’ve paid and registered so I must do it, and therefore must train. It’s not been too hard. Where a few weeks ago I could barely run a third of a km without stopping, now I can at least run a full km with relative ease. I can only hope I’m ready by the time the thing comes around.

The weather was beautiful today – breezy and not too hot. After my run, when I was walking to cool down, I noticed a pair of red-breasted robins hopping about in the trees. Where I run there’s a little creek to one side with underbrush and bushes lining it. Anyway, I hadn’t really thought about spring until I saw those robins. Whenever I see one, actually, I’m reminded of the Secret Garden, though I can’t remember where the robin comes into the story. I watched them for a moment, and noticed too that the branches in front of me had green buds. Tiny little leaves were poking out of the knobs, and have you ever noticed what perfection lies in a new leaf? I have, but I always manage to forget.

I thought about spring then, and new beginnings, and thought that maybe spring time is a much better time for making resolutions than the New Year. Yes, it’s a new year and all that, but everything is still dead and sleeping, it’s no wonder people can’t keep anything up for long. As least in these parts.

But spring, when the world is awaking and becoming new, seems about the right moment to think about refreshing yourself too. I don’t exercise as a matter of course because I don’t enjoy it, but I find myself enjoying my runs now. Perhaps I’m developing a taste for it, and that brings up all kinds of exciting possibilities. Maybe I’ll be one of those athletic people I admire in stores. Or maybe not.

It’ spring break for me now, and though it’s ending, I feel motivated to start a new schedule and new projects. Oh, and buy a ukulele. You think I’m kidding.


Some Resolutions for Spring

  • Learn to play the ukulele
  • Research second language acquisition, cognitive development, and learning styles
  • Blog more – ehehe yeahhhh
  • Stop drinking sodas
  • Clear out more clutter – huzzah!

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