Top 5 Taiwan Posts


This was hard. There were so many posts from when I was in Taiwan, but I’ve tried to keep the category here limited to specifically Taiwan, excluding teaching as a separate genre.

  • Alishan – This had to have been my favorite tourist destination. The mountain was so beautiful, the trip was so relaxing, and it was so incredible to wake up and see the sunrise over the peaks.
  • Puzih – This small town is a perfect representation of life in Taiwan. I think it illustrates a lot of the differences between building styles and systems in Taiwan and the States. Plus that day was really memorable.
  • Asty Café – Restaurants in Taiwan, should they have English menus, will probably make for a lot of laughter. We had many giggles over such items as “the burns the fish” and “seared satine wired miso sauce.” I really have no idea about either of them…
  • Alishan Railway – This was another fun destination near the base of Alishan. The small village, and the way leading up to it, was a lot of fun, and I loved the charm of the paintings and the villa.
  • Culture Shock – While not a destination post, this post explains a lot of the differences between the States and Taiwan, so it’s a good introduction for people who don’t know Taiwan.

Looking back, there were a lot of places I didn’t go, and a lot of things I didn’t do. This calls for another trip!



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