Top 5 Korea Posts


Seeing as it’s a new year, I wanted to take a look back at some highlights of last year. Here are my top 5 favorite posts about Korea.

  • Itaewon – This place was so happening and hip, and even though it’s pretty urban and distinctly Westernized, I think the mish-mash of America and Korea was fascinating. Plus, my random accosting by a strange Korean was definitely a highlight.
  • Hanok Village – The Hanok Village was easily my favorite destination. The place was so incredibly beautiful and different than anything I’d seen before, and having a friend with me made it all the more wonderful. If you want a more traditional Korea, look no farther.
  • Adventure Is… – I like this post so much. Every time I read the list I’m reminded of the little things that made the trip amazing. The things I couldn’t capture with a camera, but that speak to me so eloquently of the quirks of Korea. It’s a nice summation of my trip.
  • To-Do List – I hope this list will grow as the years go by. As I live in Korea, as I read books and meet other expats and natives – everyone will have their own must-see things to do. I would love to compare this list with one in five years.
  • Farsickness – I still feel this farsickness, but without the poignancy of the immediately following months. I don’t know if the sickness is in me or is a result of Korea; either way, it’s a curious disease.


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