2014–are you ready to partay??


Full of Chinese. And hopefully Korean!

It’s a New Year – a New Day, and there’s surely a song somewhere I could sing right now…

Well, moving on, the New Year came for us this year with a Doctor Who regeneration party. And if you’re not a nerd or BBC geek, you won’t get it. That’s ok, I forgive you. Regardless, we saw in 2014 with fezzes and laughter and a lot of razzleberry pie.

I don’t really do resolutions. That is, I make so many throughout the year I don’t see the point of having a special day for it. I try to do what I need to every day. But I suppose there is something special about promises to oneself made at the start of a New Year.

For me, this year is going to be all school. Spring, summer, and Fall semester await with eager, grabby hands, ready to suck me into vortices of linguistic paradigms and syllabic equations. (It’s actually very interesting, and I am rather looking forward to it…)

So here are my promises to meself, down in writing, notarized, formalized, legalized, and all that gubbins.

  • Study Korean every day
  • Cook more often – at least 4 times a week during school years
  • Exercise regularly – join a yoga place??
  • Live more graciously
  • Start preparing for Korea!

The last one is obviously the most exciting. After this Fall semester, many months away, I’ll need to start getting my applications, visas, and background checks started for 2015. I can smell the kimchi approaching!



7 thoughts on “2014–are you ready to partay??

    • Haha, well, they don’t grow here either. For some reason, a certain brand of pie maker decided that the mixture of raspberries and blackberries should be dubbed razzleberry. No idea why. But the name certainly has verve. And the taste isn’t bad either. Happy New Year’s!!

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