crock-pot revolution


I think this is the best picture I’ve ever taken. Pfffft.

Slow cookers of the world – raise your crock-pots in the air! (Don’t. They’re really heavy.)

Crock-pots must have been made for people like me. When I get up in the morning, I want to do stuff. I have plenty of energy for stuff. Stuff can happen. So doing all the cooking and stuff when stuff wants to happen is smart for me. Because when dinner time actually rolls around and other stuff has already stuffed and there will be no more stuffing for me….dinner usually doesn’t happen.

I think the crock-pot was the best investment for this new apartment. This morning I’m making baked potato soup, and I have a cookbook full of curries and beef stews and Italian goulashes I can’t wait to try. I love feeling domestic.

Why did I write a post about crock-pots? Because I love them. Because they make life easy and they support my laziness. And also because there’s nothing else going on in my life but decisions on how and what to cook day to day.

Ah, winter break, the season of cleaning because you’re bored and having the TV on all day just for some company. (I smell a metaphor…)

On a more cultured note, my brother got me the novel from the Doctor Who series, Summer Falls, and I read it aloud last night. Did the voices and everything, and only forgot which voices went with which characters a few times. Maybe I should ask Audible if they need another reader…



2 thoughts on “crock-pot revolution

  1. I miss my crock pot! I would make Japanese curry in it. OH, the recipes you could do! They make the whole house smell delicious and divine. Lucky you.

    • Don’t they? And speaking of curry, I’ve been craving it fiercely for about a month now. Last time I had it was in Korea I think, so it’s been a while. Currrryyyyyy……

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