row, row, row your boat…


When I woke up this morning, I looked around with a small sigh of relief. The skies were clear, the waters were calm, and I took up my paddles with pleasure instead of weary resignation. I had some time now before the next bout of rough waters. Specifically, a month – when next semester begins. If I had to pick a philosophical metaphor for the college journey, I’d say it’s like rowing a boat in the ocean. I have a compass with just one direction – graduation. All around me is the ocean, endless, boundless, stretching on forever. I can’t see land, or landmarks, or anything at all. Just the water. I know I’m going somewhere, and I know I’ll reach it eventually, but I can’t see it.

School is like that. I know what my goal is, but until I get there, it’s hidden. I’m just working, somewhat mindlessly, until I get done. It gets dull, and stressful, and can be downright maddening. Maybe all of life is like that though – you never can quite make out the end, you just have to keep moving.

But right now I’m happy. Finals are over, I got to sleep in, and the next month will be full of time to do whatever I want. And I want to be productive.

So hello kitchen, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together. Hello, notepad, we’re going to be writing a lot. Hello, stack of books by my chair, we’re going to get through you one way or another.



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