a winter wonderland and dreams of being crunchy

(Note – what does crunchy even mean?? Granola? Hippie? Au naturale?)

Down south as we are, winter doesn’t come gently, sailing in with snow and wind and cheery fireplaces. Instead, if it comes before New Year’s at all, it punches us all in the weather gut with a blistering ice storm. And down south as we are, totally unaccustomed to such rudeness, we tend not to be too prepared for these events. We haul backside to grocery stores to stock up on water and non-perishables, us bibliophiles fret over how many books we need, and children and college-students alike look up…and pray for a snow day.

It’s a funny ol’ world here in the Bible belt. I can see kids pelting each other with handfuls of sleet. (Hey, it looks like snow, and that’s the only thing that counts.) A cardinal has landed on the tree outside my window, and all I can think of are the Christmas cards I drew in art class a million years ago. People are carrying their dogs down the stairs for…um…nature’s duty, the evidence of which gets frozen in the sleet, pooper scoopers be darned.

My brother and I, in our mid-twenties and feeling fully adult, went out to play yesterday, under the auspices of getting the mail. We slipped and slid around, jumped up and down trying to crack the thick sleety ice, and pushed each other to get traction. Yup. We are so grown up.

Being stuck Being able to stay at home, with finals next week and then winter break to look forward to, has gotten my planning faculties all running at top speed. This whole semester I’ve been waiting for a break so I could start my dreams of homesteading. Yeah, in the apartment. What a laugh. But! But! I can have a patio garden, right? And I can make natural cleaners and hair care (like that worked last time…) and I can make kombucha and brew beer and soak beans! Beans! Is it weird that I’m excited about beans?

I blame the books I read. They always make me dream bigger than…than…my britches? My stomach? Whatever. Here they are.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

From Scratch by Shaye Elliott

Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider


2 thoughts on “a winter wonderland and dreams of being crunchy

  1. Winter sounds lovely. I’ve noticed everywhere seems cold this year. It certainly is brisk here in Thailand. Love your everyday descriptions, have a hot chocolate for me, okay!? :)

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