morning/evening routine revisited

Remember a while back when I was preparing to move out? I made a prospective morning and evening routine to help round out my day. I liked what I had, but once I actually started it, I found some adjustments were needed.

My evening routine is exactly how I want it now. Currently, I;

  • Make tomorrow’s to-do list
  • Quick Journal/Brain Dump (for this, I write down 5 good things that happened that day, and then write a few sentences about how I’m feeling, what I’m planning, etc.; a brain dump.)
  • Pick out next day’s clothes
  • Read fiction for 10-15min (I heard somewhere that reading non-fiction isn’t good as it tends to give you too much information to think about)
  • Read a Psalm/Proverb chapter

This system works very well. Sometimes I have a cup of tea, sometimes not. But no matter what, I turn off the computer and TV and do these things before I sleep. And, amazingly enough, I’ve been falling asleep a lot faster than I used to. Imagine that.

My morning routine, as it stands, is this:

  • Shower/get ready
  • Make lunches
  • Eat breakfast
  • Check emails/FB etc

See? It doesn’t even have five things. I tend to waffle about on the computer if I have spare time before I need to leave. I’m trying to get exercise in there – just ten minutes, but I’d need to do that before showering, and I just can’t find the gumption. I’ll keep trying though. Wish me luck!

Has anyone else gotten a routine going? I highly recommend it, even if it’s only two things that take five minutes. Seriously, it helps a lot.


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