apartment tour

HI GUYS!!! GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!?!? (not that day)

Ahem, it’s the day to share my apartment pictures!!! I took some pictures on the day we moved in before we got furniture in, and I’ll share some now that it’s decorated. Remember though, I’m a pretty broke college kid, so the decorating is hand-me-downs and make-dos. Although, despite that, I think it looks really good…





The lighting is kind of funky – pretty yellowing, which makes the rooms look darker. But the colors are nice. All the walls are a nice oatmeal color, and hopefully we’ll have some curtains and stuff up soon. I want to buy some rugs for the kitchen and bathrooms, some more posters, a table cloth, maybe some shelves, another lamp, a few pillows, maybe a bean bag…(I’m a little excited.)

So that’s it! This is my home for the next two years while I finish up school. It’s very comfortable and quiet, and I’m totally diggin’ it, yo!


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