apartment living

I realized recently that I haven’t talked about apartment life at all. Sheesh. It’s like it’s not even a big deal (it’s not). Well I won’t go into too much detail (I will). I moved in with my brother about three weeks ago, and have been slowly settling in.

Now, adjusting has been hard. I just about feel at home now, but it was really weird the first few days especially. Originally, I didn’t like living so close to other people. I mean, people could be there when I walk out my front door. People could be at my mailbox. People could be near my car. People is everywhere!!! My deep-seated introversion meant this kept me inside as much as possible. Until school started, I don’t think I went out unless it was absolutely imperative.

Well, three weeks later and I’ve gotten over that. I even kind of enjoy it now. Funny, isn’t it? How something that was so alien and unsettling could become something you look forward to? I really do. I like waving to my neighbors, and I like walking to my mailbox and seeing the kids playing basketball. I even like seeing people walk under my window as I type this. I feel sort of urban, and this could be a taste of what life in Seoul might be like if I ever move there.

Otherwise, I super heart my locale!!! There’s literally EVERYTHING around us. Every fast food, every chain of grocery store, a comic book store like just around the corner, the library and post office also around the corner, a gajillion churches, and town festivals! I love living in a town that, while large, has banners stretching across main street announcing town events. How quaint is that? But seriously, I can drive ten minutes and get anything I need. Huzzah town living!

On another, related note, I am thoroughly enjoying living on my own. Well, with a brother, granted, but I’m in charge of food and stuff. I like it. Sure, it’s hard with school to cook as often as I should, and we still get junk food on occasion and pig out – but all in all, I’m doing better than I thought I would (I made a roast chicken and squash and kale side – YUM). I hate grocery shopping, but that’s good cause it means I won’t spend time getting food not on my list. I am cooking much more than I ever have, and pretty healthily too.

Of course, I’m still far short of where I want to be. I have a great evening routine that I stick to, and my morning routine is consistent if not quite what I had envisioned. I just can’t seem to eat a big breakfast or exercise. That’s the worst – the exercise. I don’t have that much time in the mornings, and after school I’m tired out and need to cook…*sigh

But, that will come. I haven’t even lived here a month. Perspective, girl, perspective. You’ll get there. *nods head to mirror looking determined* Anyone have any tips for making yourself exercise? I don’t like going anywhere to work out, but I’m wondering if that’s what it would take to get me doing it. Maybe take a class? Taekwondo…yoga…windsurfing…


Also, I’ll be taking picture soon, so you can see what my awesome *cough* pad looks like, man!


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