get rid of shampoo. RID!

There’s this craze going around the interwebs and natural, organic lovers’ communities right now. You’ve probably heard of it – going shampoo-free.

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, but it was not really an option in Taiwan – I just didn’t have the gumption or motivation to get over the waiting period there.

But now that I’m home, it’s easier.

So I started it this past week. Yup. I mixed up some goop and tried it. I got the recipe from Tsh Oxenreider (her again) in her book Organized Simplicity. Like her other book, this one is fantastic and well worth the purchase. But the best thing is the section with all the recipes in the back for natural, DIY cleaners and body-care products.

Unfortunately, everyone is different, so some people don’t take well to going shampoo free, or at least they don’t do well with baking soda stuff. I’ll have to see how my follicles like it. I’ll let you guys know. Normally my hair is pretty voluminous, but I usually need to wash it every day – hopefully I won’t need to do that after the adjustment period.

Any of my readers try this? How’d it work for you? I’m thinking this could actually be a really efficient thing for travelers and expats, since you can find baking soda just about anywhere in the world, I think. But who knows.

Also, most of the resources I’ve been reading recommend following up with a vinegar rinse after the baking soda to help keep hair shinier and healthier. I’m doing that too, since I can.

If you don’t want to buy the book but want to try this, I found a recipe that’s basically identical here.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this on the first day of trying, and I’m posting it several days later, I thought I’d go ahead and let you know what’s happening. My hair hasn’t adjusted yet. It’s kind of lank and not happy. I’m going to keep trying; it could be any number of things – my hair just needs more time, my water is too hard, I need a different ratio of stuff – I’ll keep trying and see what happens.



2 thoughts on “get rid of shampoo. RID!

  1. You’re a brave, brave soul. The closest I came to shampoo-free was when I attempted to use “Wen” (by Chaz Dean). And the main reason I tried it? It has the same name as me. Despite that awesome reasoning, it didn’t work out. Hope your hair starts to adjust, and gets happy again.

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