back in business or; responsibility is a grand thing

Well this past week has been….interesting. Not bad; great, actually. I’ve spent it unwinding and relaxing, eating mountains of American food, getting fat, organizing my room, enjoying new old clothes, the works. (Aside – I love how all the clothes I haven’t had for a year feel all new.)

But…it’s been a bit weird. I’ve been suffering from reverse culture shock in a big way. Maybe jetlag too. I keep getting overwhelmed by silly things, like going grocery shopping. I mostly just want to stay home and hide behind this new laptop of mine. (Yay!)

I think I’m getting overwhelmed because of all the intake my brain is getting. I’ve been used to a very small circle of awareness and comprehension – living in my little Western English bubble in Taiwan made coming back to a country-sized sphere a little difficult. But I’m adjusting. I’m good at that. I haven’t been using kindergarten English on people, I haven’t accidentally used any Chinese, and for the most part, I’ve gotten back into all my old habits.

The flipside is that some of those old habits were bad, and they die hard. I wanted to start afresh on a healthy diet, exercise plan, and learning schedule. It’s proving to be challenging, not least because my jet-lagged brain-fogginess doesn’t want me to do anything productive 20 out of 24 hours a day.

Having no responsibilities is nice on one hand, terrible on the other. Without anything forcing me to do anything, it’s hard to have the gumption and moral fiber to make myself get out of bed, eat right, exercise, do what I need to do for moving, and a host of other things getting moldy on my to-do list. Sheesh.

Today has been better. I’m getting bored of doing nothing, and I finally made myself some timetables for getting my room taken care of before the move. No boxes yet, but I have several piles of stuff to sell or donate. Oh, that feels good.

I daresay I won’t be blogging much in the next couple of weeks. Not unless I can get some motivation up and running alongside creativity, and find something worth writing about. And until we’re settled in the new apartment, I won’t feel like I can think clearly.

Maybe once I get some responsibilities I can calm down.


(Also, I revamped my ‘About’ page for my next phase of life. Check it out.)

2 thoughts on “back in business or; responsibility is a grand thing

  1. It’s all good. It’s all good. And it will all be sorted out in its own time. Enjoy the in-between phase, cause there is nothing else to do! Hugs and kisses from the ‘future’. Bwaaahahahahahha.

    • Hmm. That evil cackle makes me suspicious, but otherwise…thanks. I think. :P

      I know I’m enjoying all the free food and pampering. Good to be a kid again.

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