some stuff I’d forgotten about ‘Merica

That people hold doors for other people – it’s not a thing in Taiwan.

That Americans are loud – at lunch I kept getting distracted by the other conversations, since, one, I could understand them, and, two, they were so loud.

That the service can be bad – in Taiwan, service is fantastic 99% of the time. Not a day after I get back to America I want to punch a cashier in the face. Seriously, rude.

To put toilet paper in the toilet – yeahhhhhh.

That other people know what I’m saying – I keep forgetting to watch what I say, particularly when talking about the person right in front of me, cause he speaks English too, self.

That America does not have 7-11 like I’m used to now – I keep craving a jaunt down to the ol’ 7 for some chips and milk tea. *sobs

Well that’s for starters. I’ve been back less than two days, and have already had to re-adjust to some things. On the other hand, so many of my old habits have fallen back into place it’s like I was never gone. It’s as if I have awoken from a very long dream. I picked up the pieces of my old life with nary a hesitation.

Aren’t brains strange? They don’t let us forget, even when we think we have.



4 thoughts on “some stuff I’d forgotten about ‘Merica

  1. Brains ARE strange. (Semi-) Random break: Did you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds? Did you know that bees and dogs can smell fear? Did you know that my next door neighbor has 3 rabbits? Haha, rabbits. (wink, wink, elbow-nudge) The (Semi-) was written because I planned on mentioning both rabbits (wink, wink, elbow-nudge), and the human head (which houses the brain — sorry for stating the obvious, but I had to make the semi-connection between brain and head). Now, if I can only figure out how reading your blog post made my brain think of that cute kid from Jerry Maguire…

    P.S. Me and ‘Merica’s happy to have you back. :o)

    • Random rabbit-trails (rabbits again….oh boy) are fun! I had one professor of many who loved to go off on rabbit trails. Particularly rants about the evils of student loans. Man that was weird.

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