why ‘the flying armchair?’

One thing I have never been asked is why I named my blog “The Flying Armchair.” Maybe no one cares. Maybe they think they know, and they could probably easily guess correctly.

I named my blog before I started traveling – before I moved to Taiwan. At that point, it was just a far-off dream that I would one day travel somewhere. But until then, I traveled in books; seeking out far off lands and distant worlds through the power of great story-telling. That’s where the name came from. I flew from my chair. My mind was free to wander the universe while my body stayed put.

Now though, I’ve lived overseas for nearly a year, and I plan to travel the rest of my life on and off; living here and there and visiting other countries frequently. I don’t need to worry about being confined.

But the name is still applicable in many ways. I still read voraciously. I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and nothing makes me happier than to get lost in another world for hours on end. I could be anywhere in the world and this wouldn’t change. And not only through SF or Fantasy. I get lost in worlds of ideas with great non-fiction and worlds of ideals with biographies and history. I read anything. Every book can transport you to different ways of viewing the world. So in that sense, I will always be an Armchair traveler. It’s just that now, I’m also a physical traveler. A plane traveler? Whatever. I travel for realz now.



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