things I’ll miss about Taiwan


  • Papaya milk
  • Milk tea
  • Drinks in general (cheap, delicious, huge variety)
  • Taxis
  • Seeing mountains in the distance
  • Awesome public transportation
  • Quiet people
  • Fresh, locally grown fruit – in abundance
  • Fried dumplings
  • Rice omelets
  • The McCafe at our local McDonald’s
  • Feeling safe everywhere
  • Being able to leave umbrellas, bikes, or shoes out and not worry about them being stolen
  • Being semi-famous
  • Biking everywhere
  • My students
  • Having my ghostly skin called beautiful
  • Being treated like a special guest
  • My Taiwanese co-workers
  • The respect and deference people have for each other
  • Cheap, abundant clothes in street markets
  • Being able to wear clothes with monsters on them and not be stared at (for that reason, anyway)
  • Cute notebooks
  • Cute phone cases
  • Cute…everything
  • Not being thought of as weird, childish, or insane for liking and having cute things
  • Holistically styled attitudes about health
  • My co-workers telling me not to drink cold water, go out in the rain, or have wet hair
  • Seeing terrible and hilarious Engrish
  • Getting straws for every drink at a convenience store
  • Convenience stores everywhere

…and the list goes on. It will go on forever, probably, until I visit this beautiful island again. I’ll be leaving soon – it seems like it’s coming too fast and not fast enough. I’m planning and doing things related to college and life at home already, but at the same time I want to spend as much time as possible with my co-workers and friends here. I can’t really believe I might never see some of them again.

Fortunately, I have so many happy memories, and I’ll be so busy as soon as I get back that I’ll realize I’m adjusted before I know it. I hope.



6 thoughts on “things I’ll miss about Taiwan

    • It depends on the area. If you’re in the bigger cities I think it’s probably fine – just be safe and smart. You still don’t want to go out alone although I’ve never heard of any attacks, ever. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but I haven’t heard from my co-workers. But the urban areas are very populated and have a lot of night-life, so you won’t often find yourself walking around alone. My friend (a girl) and I (a girl) went by ourselves to Taipei for a few days and felt always totally safe, using buses and metro and walking around. I say go for it, but just keep alert as you would anywhere else. Where are you thinking of going?

      • it would probably be Taipei because I only have a few days off as I work in Korea, so it is possible to do it as a long weekend trip! But i wouldn’t be able to venture much further than that! Did you teach in Taiwan?

      • Currently teaching here! I’m about to head home, but I would definitely recommend Taipei! It’s a wonderful city with plenty to see. And if you’re used to using the Metro in Seoul, the Taipei Metro will be a cinch. It’s smaller but also easy to navigate. Hope you like it!

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