Farsickness. Koreasickness?

Whatever fancy name I decide to give it, I miss Korea, and I was barely there five days. I missed it before I visited. What is wrong with me, for real? I used to do this over cute guys or fictional characters. Now I have this massive and slightly embarrassing woman-crush on a country. People nudge me and wink and say it must be the beautiful guys, and I do think they’re beautiful, but it’s so much MORE than that. I mean it. I’m not looking to get a Korean boyfriend. I’m not sure I could take it in all honesty – the difference in cultural upbringing would probably mess us up. And, like I told one of my readers, right now my attitude with guys is, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” Thanks, internet memes. You sum me up.

I’m sure other people do this with other countries. And I’m sure that once I’ve lived there for a while, it will fade and not be like this. I got over the thrill of being in Taiwan pretty fast, but then I didn’t have a crush on Taiwan.

I’ve talked about Korea here and why Korea there and all a bunch of times. I think I’m seeking validation here for my mania. But I have a little hand-drawn Korean flag on my desk, for crying out loud! I get all fidgety when I think of two years or more separating me from the love of my life. Did I just say that?

I’m going to stop now before I become a target of mockery, although I’m sure some people will commend me for my passion. I bet they’re weird too. We should celebrate weirdity!


6 thoughts on “farsickness

  1. The first step is admitting you have a problem ;)
    The second involves figuring out what Korea represents to you.
    And lastly, if the second goes all well and you don’t see any red flags or other warning signs, to get thee over there again, for realz yo.

    • Good plan! Yeah, I definitely have a problem. :P And I have two years-ish to make sure it’s right for me, so hopefully that will give me enough space to think clearly. ;)

      • Eh, I need a degree to get a solid teaching position in a public school, and I have two more years to go. It’s not a big deal though, since there are study abroad programs in Seoul and such. Actually, I have a post coming soon that explains it all! :P But yeah, two years.

  2. I felt JUST like this less than a week from being back from Europe BOTH times I visited! The first time was the most rough for assimilating, because my friend and I were on a tour with other students, and we didn’t get to make a lot of our own decisions regarding tours and times. Regardless, once the jet lag subsided, I was close to tears every day for WEEKS, just missing it all! I thought it must have been a first time thing, and the next time spending longer in England would make it different.

    And it did. I missed it even MORE. After being so much longer in England; learning to live there, absorb the culture, the food, the accents… experiencing the bests and worsts of cottages and inns, and the glorious weather, I was even more farsick the weeks after I got back.

    This time around, I’m requesting an extra week off work just so I don’t show up at Panera all depressed. I need that extra time to come to terms with my farsickness.

    So yes, as you can see I’ve already adopted this term! And yes, I feel a little vindicated over all those people who said, “Oh, your fascination with England will pass once you’ve been there a week or two.” Oh really? Then why do I keep going back?? And why do I still drool over pictures of the English tea rooms, and the countryside, and start to cry over SHEEP?? *sniffles*

    I will celebrate weirdity with you!!

    • Huzzah! A fellow sufferer of farsickness! The sad thing is, I would probably get the exact same way over England. Next to Korea, that is my prime destination, and was my supreme destination before I got into Korea. I don’t know about living there, but maybe I could have a nice vacation home in Scotland, or North England, to spend when I wasn’t in Asia?? Sounds good to me.

      I’m glad you’ve gotten to go so much. I envy you that, but I know it must make it more difficult to come back too. Are you thinking of moving there? Or just continuous visitings?

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