my to-do list for Korea

I did some of the quintessential ‘to-do’ things whilst in Korea, but there are some I missed, didn’t have time for, or wasn’t brave enough to do alone. First, a list of things I can cross off;

  • Drink banana milk for breakfast
  • Eat at a themed café (Cat Café yeah!)
  • Visit a palace
  • Visit Hongdae, Itaewon, Myeongdong
  • Go to Times Square Mall and spend a day
  • Sleep on a subway

(For another trip – a longer one, hopefully);

  • Get my back scrubbed at a spa
  • Wear a towel like Princess Leia at a spa (you know what I mean – those bun things on your head)
  • Eat tteokbokki from a street stand
  • Find the Makgeolli Man
  • Stalk Eat Your Kimchi
  • Have my feet nibbled by those pedicure fish at a café
  • Eat ramen in a convenience store
  • Eat Patbingsu
  • Wear a hanbok
  • Get a boyfriend and put one of those locks by Namsam tower

Funny how a lot of these revolve around food. Anything else I missed?


4 thoughts on “my to-do list for Korea

  1. I think this is a nice and very much overlooked thingy to do. You know, a to-do list. And then a list of what you actually did. Hmmm. Inspiring….

  2. This is a good list!! I think one fun thing might be to fake faint near a handsome guy to see what happens. :P Because in dramas at least, it seems they can’t get away with not being helpful. Like in My Girl, where the ajumas are in shock that Gong Chan isn’t going to help Yu Rin (who’s totally faking.) :P It’s an idea! And would definitely make a fun post! :D Also, it could be a segue into the last thing on your list… Amiright?

    • So right! But I don’t think I could pull it off. Likely outcome of that attempt – headlines the next day; “Crazy American passes out in the middle of the street. Man attempts to help her, but is soon running for his life when the woman convulses in hysterics, leaps to her feet, and sprints away. A new flu strain?” Well, long headline. But still. I’m not a good enough actress. :P

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