a hostel experience

Alright backpackers and hostel-goers. What’s up with that? I stayed in a hostel while in Seoul and really didn’t enjoy it. The hostel itself was nice as hostels go. I had a private room, it was large and in a great location, everything was clean, the internet was fast, nobody bothered me, and the bathroom was fine.

Now, the negatives.

LOUDDDDD. Ohmigosh you guys, I think the walls were made of mesh, because I could hear the other people in their room with the door closed, (and my door closed) as easily as if they were next to me. It was awful, since they were obviously night owls and I was trying to sleep. I can only rest easy knowing I was paying them back by showering next to them at six in the morning. Take that.

The first night it was just a couple of guys. They stayed up pretty late talking over beers, but I was so tired I could drown it out. But the next night some ladies arrived. An older one and her daughter, I think. Or something. Either way, her volume was insanely loud. I had to wear my headphones to sleep. They wouldn’t shut up, and talked those poor boys’ ears off. Till past midnight, at least. The only thing that saved me was my exertion during the day; it tired me out enough that I could have slept through worse, but still.

I know, I know, this is what hostels ARE. “Of course it was loud! Of course it was slightly uncomfortable! That’s the point! Hostels are for short trips where you move around a lot, so it doesn’t matter how comfortable it is!” Yeah, yeah. I was being a cheapo and didn’t get a hotel. My bad.

I’m ranting, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. Aside from the noise, it was fine. I’m so glad I had my own room, but I think next time I’ll just pay the extra and stay in a B&B or hotel. With a connected bathroom and better walls.

And if you’re fine with hostels, I highly recommend the Closest. It was in the perfect location; right in Hongdae, and not two minutes to the metro. So, if you like that sort of thing…but really, I don’t see the attraction. Maybe backpackers like meeting lots of random people? I was pretty anti-social, I suppose, but that was mostly because I was around a whole lot of people during the day, and needed to crash every night.

I’m not knocking hostels, I think they’re just not for me. I sort of wish I was the type of adventurer who stays in many places and meets lots of wonderful folks, but it’s simply not suited to my personality. Oh well. I’ll take a nice hotel with service and anonymity any day.