adventure is…

…hearing Korean spoken and getting giddy inside.

…seeing places in person you’ve only read about.

…collecting memories to treasure forever.

…meeting a place, saying hello, and promising to return.

…hearing “Happy Birthday” sung in Korean out your window.

…hearing people spitting boisterously. Frequently.

…realizing a place is better than you ever imagined, and feeling sad you have to wait to return.

…passing a vendor selling pancakes shaped like poop. Right next to the poop café.

…deciding which members of 2pm to pass through at every metro gate.

…telling people how much you love Asia and getting some weird looks in return. From Asians.

…enduring endless rejection from felines at a cat café.

…going down escalators, realizing you’re in the wrong place halfway down, and then riding the up escalator immediately afterward, all to the enjoyment of the natives.

…being in Gangnam and discovering there is such a thing as “Gangnam Style.” And that you do not fit in, but stick out like a sore thumb. A sore, slobby, not-rich thumb.

…coming home from a five day vacation and being pestered with inquiries into whether you’ve gotten plastic surgery.

…knowing that the dream is now a memory.



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