first impressions; Changdeokgung palace


Near the Hanok village was Changdeokgung palace, a secondary palace built in 1405, although I think they’ve done major reconstruction on it. At any rate, it was gorgeous, and kind of otherworldly. Not in a mystical way; it was simply strange to see something so old and traditional with skyscrapers and modern society right behind. But really, the view was magnificent. The palace on your right, the city on your left, and mountains in the distance. Magical.

There’s some kind of museum next to the palace, and we wandered around that area before going into the main palace yard.


I think the museum we visited had exhibits depicting old Korean life.


Palace on one side, skyscraper on the other. Awesome.

So that’s the end of my narrative. I’ll be posting reflections and actual thoughts later, but I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I saw. I can’t begin to thank Brooke for taking me around, since I know I wouldn’t have done half these things alone. It barely whet my appetite for this country, but it was well worth the trip.

I took many more pictures than what I’ve posted here. I’ll be posting them on my Facebook page soon though, so check that out for more cool Korean stuff!


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