cat lovers are masochists–hongdae cat café


Artistic blurriness? Nope, just no flash allowed. Curses.

I’m convinced anyone who loves cats must love pain and suffering. Seriously, why else would we surround ourselves with beings who give love sparingly, reject us time and again, scratch, bite, and claw us as often as cuddle, and don’t care at all about our feelings?

Whatever the reason, when I went to the cat café in Hongdae I saw this playing out everywhere. It was hugely entertaining, actually, to see couples chasing after cats only to be out-paced every time. There were a few sleepy guys who didn’t mind some pats, but most of the felines were too busy being ignoring us to play.


Hence, treat time. The only way to get a cat to stay in one place for any length of time.


When you arrive at Cat’s Attic, the name of this particular café, you need to take off your shoes before entering and rinse your hands with the sanitizer on the wall. Protect them kitties from the nasty humans!


After paying the 7000won ($7) entrance fee, you get a free drink of choice and are then free to wander. When you’re all done playing, they provide lint rollers for your clothes. Thoughtful, since they have a lot of long-hairs.

I originally found this place via Cute In Korea – check out her post for more detailed info as well as directions. It was really easy to get to the place. I, someone who’s never been to Hongdae before, found it with no problem.

So, if you like cats or just love rejection, visit a cat café! Otherwise, laugh at cat-lovers everywhere and go about your business. Yeah, you.


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