first impressions; hongdae

Sadly, not many pictures from Hongdae. Reason being; that place is huge, crowded, and hard to navigate. I nearly got lost several times being shunted around by the crowds. But I loved it. It really has a very young and cool vibe.


There were a lot of performers. They were actually good too, which was nice. There were also some mimes, but they were accosting people, so I was too scared to stop and take pictures of them.


Look, Batman and Superman like Hongdae too! What a coincidence!


I wish I could have explored the whole area, but it was too big and I was too close to getting lost, so I only went up and down a few streets. I saw so many restaurants, bars, awesome clothing shops, and many other stores. Shopping and hang-out heaven. I ended up actually eating at an Indian place. I know, not Korean again. What is WRONG with me? But there was a nice man with a flyer that would get me a discount, and I also hadn’t had Indian in about a year, so, so…oh whatever. It was freaking amazing and that’s all that counts.


This store. Didn’t go in since I didn’t like the looks of the clothes, but seriously? This is soo cool looking. I’m not sure if its actually Swedish or just as a Swedish name…

I’ll post separately about the cat café I visited. Yes! I went to one! But it’s too much to include here. Just know that I suffered much rejection.



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