first impressions; itaewon

As I went to quite a few places, I’m splitting up day 3 into segments. I got a late start that day and hit Itaewon right around lunch time. So, naturally, I ate at Taco Bell. Come on folks, don’t hate on me here, I haven’t had this food in nearly a year. Of course I opted for that over delicious Korean food…yeah, I’m mad at me too. (And it didn’t taste all that good, either. Hmph.)


Itaewon and Hongdae, which will be my next post, have a lot of art (read; graffiti). I like dis.


Antique street. Uh, am I back in New Mexico here?


The back streets had a lot of cheaper clothing stores and western restaurants.



And seriously, look at all the English! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Itaewon, it’s near the US Army Base, so there are lots of military families and expats in this area. I saw the most foreigners here, and several soldiers.


Yeah, I bought this. I couldn’t not. I mean, it’s so KOREA.

Other than walking around, the definite highlight was when I was stopped by a random guy (high-school, college?? no idea) and asked for directions. Me, an obvious tourist. I was a bit confused, since he was Korean. I pulled out my map, but then he said he went to some English Academy in Gangnam and was on a mission. I’m not quite sure of all the details, but he needed my picture too. So I took a picture with him. Poor guy, he was so nervous! But his English was very good. I was impressed.

Although, now I’m wondering if it was not just a very clever ruse to get my picture. I mean, why me? Plenty of other foreigners. I’m a little worried, since he could use that picture for anything;

“Hey guys! This girl totally wanted to take a picture with me! I rock!”

“Hello, officer; this is the culprit. She ran off with a million won, so let’s post her picture all over Seoul.”

“Obscenely ugly foreigner spotted in Itaewon! Here’s proof!”

You never know. Lots of things could happen…


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