Alishan railway or; men who give flowers

A couple of weekend ago our co-worker took us on a trip. We went to small town near the bottom of Alishan – a mountain we’ve visited before. Thought it was hot and sticky and slightly uncomfortable, we all had a marvelous time.


We began the morning taking the seven am bus; right before it arrived, a middle-aged man on a moped stopped by and insisted on giving us these flowers. Some kind of fragrant variety that smelled amazing. Then he drove off, his mission obviously accomplished. Not as uncommon an occurrence as you’d think. (Reminds me of my very first trip into town when a man wanted to give me a roast chicken in a bag.)


We boarded the small train at Chiayi station that would take us near the bottom of Alishan mountain. The train was smaller and old-fashioned, air conditioned and awesome.


I’m jealous of her pants.


We passed by many farms, including this field of pineapples. Fresh pineapple – yummmmm.


We only had about forty minutes before the train returned, so we quickly scouted out the area.


We had a quick bite of ice cream since it was pretty hot and sticky and headed back to Chiayi to visit the Japanese house area. I’m not sure what else to call it; it’s just this small tourist spot where there are some Japanese style buildings made of wood and some kind of museum. I didn’t pay too much attention since it was so hot.


It was a really nice outing. I love going around to tourist sights. Makes me feel like I’m actually taking advantage of my time here. Also, KOREA APPROACHES! (dun dun dun)


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