my dream is mine

                      “Mine, mine! It’s all mine!” (photo credit via

This is something I think a lot of people lose sight of. My dream is mine, not yours, and your dream is yours, not mine. Even if we share some aspects, our dreams will never be identical. And that’s a good thing. Because no two people are exactly the same, so no two people will ever share the exact same dream.

No one around me gets nearly as excited as I do when I talk about Korea, or Asia in general, really. Beyond the awesome ministry we have here and how exciting that can be, I have a hard time finding people to freak out with about food and language and how cool bowing is. That’s okay. I don’t expect everyone to be as passionate, but if you’re like me, you love talking about your dream. It’s on your mind a lot and fills up your conversation. As long as you’re not being a total jerk and boring people with it endlessly, there’s nothing wrong in sharing your dreams with people who care about you. Your friends should be interested. If they’re not, get new ones. Haha. You think I’m kidding.

But remember, they won’t have your dream. Don’t expect them to be nearly as excited as you. A good friend should show some enthusiasm and lots of support, especially when your dream is infantile and new as a baby bird, in danger of being squashed by criticism and “honest advice.” The thing is, all dreams will have problems that you may not see in your starry-eyed visions. After being initially enthusiastic and helpful, a good friend should also gently point out the flaws you don’t see. Maybe that product won’t do so well in today’s market. Maybe that book is awful. Whatever it is, make sure you’re open to hearing the critiques. Think about them, because if they exist, you will definitely need to overcome them, and having a battle plan is great. That friend who is such a wet blanket (in your opinion), may be just the person to help you tackle problems.

Now for a small announcement. This post comes directly out of something that is a small taste of my big dream; moving to Korea. In June I will be visiting Seoul for a few days. It was pretty unexpected, but I was on cloud nine for a long time. I still am, really, and my head is full of plans and I can’t stop looking up stuff to do in the big city. Every other thing out of my mouth is “When I’m in Korea…etc etc.” I’m pretty sure it’s boring my friends, but they’re being nice and taking it in stride.

I’m really glad I’m getting to go. Even though it’s for less than a week, flying from Taiwan is a lot cheaper and takes less than three hours, so the trip is less stressful. Since I want to move there after I graduate, I think I’ll feel more confident if I’ve done it before. Also, I’ve always been a little concerned since I love Korea so much but have never actually been. Hopefully this will show me that I do love it, and my dream won’t be dashed to the ground by reality.

So remember, your dream is yours and no one else’s. That makes it special, but fragile. Realize that no one need understand or invest in it as fully as you, and if you’re the friend being shared with, make sure you’re more encouraging than not, and wait a bit before pointing out that really obvious flaw in the ointment.


2 thoughts on “my dream is mine

  1. I am SOOOO flippin excited for you!!! You have to tell me… tell me… ALL THE THINGS!!! I can’t even think of practical and potentially useful things to ask about because my mind’s going around in happy little dance circles for you!! :D

    It’s interesting, because I feel like you’re living what would have been my dream if God hadn’t led me elsewhere, first. Which sounds… weird, but it’s true! So if you ever need a “OMIGOOOODNESS, KOREA FTW!!!” buddy, hit me up on Facebook, because I will never refuse a good gush! It remains my dream to someday visit Korea. Of course Seoul, and Jeju Island. Everyone I know goes to Hawaii for their honeymoon, so I think it would be cool if ever get married to make my man take me there. And if I don’t, maybe I’ll pack my bags and hop on a plane to fulfill my own dreams. :)

    I’m gonna celebrate by playing some Super Junior and FTIsland, now!! WOOHOO!!!

    • Haha you can’t imagine how much I freaked out. I will definitely tell you ALL THE THINGS, and more too. :D I’m sure you’ll go yourself soon, and then we can freak out together. Now go rock that FTIsland! :P

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