peaceful mountain–alishan


Last weekend our teachers took us to Alishan (Ali Mountain) in Chiayi. It was cold and rainy when we arrived, but the sun came out for us the next day. We stayed in a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast right on a tea farm, and got to drink the spring harvest while we watched the clouds cover the dark mountain tops.


Our B&B. The rooms were lovely, and the view was incredible.


There were so many gorgeous flowers. Apparently the mountain can grow many varieties that the city can’t.


The market nearby had lots of fun touristy stuff and some great food. I bought two boxes of the best mochi I’ve ever had.


We happened upon a warehouse where these guys were drying tea leaves. They were kind enough to let us take pictures. The smell was heavenly.


We found a creepy but beautiful bamboo forest. The creepiness factor was probably just the mist.


The tea farm. So much tea!


I was super excited.

I took a LOT of pictures while there, but I won’t put them all up. If you’d like to see all of them, check out my Flickr here. I just got my account up, and it has all the pictures from Taiwan.

If you’re coming to Taiwan and will be anywhere near Chiayi, make sure you visit Alishan. The best time is spring, but I’m sure anytime of year is beautiful. Just make sure you bring some motion sickness pills. That bus ride up and down was nauseating.



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