we’re off to see the doctor!


Harem pants from Dailo. We’ll see if I’m brave enough to wear them back home.* 

In my eight months here in Taiwan, I have been sick about three times. I got some strange stomach problems one morning that dissipated by the afternoon, had one bad cold in late fall, and now this. It’s just a head cold – nothing to get freaked out over.

Problem is, I always have one really bad day where I feel like the world is ending because my face is full of bricks (sinus pressure I do hate). Last time it was on a weekend so I was well enough for teaching the next week. This time, however, my worst day fell on a Monday, so I took the day off and went to the doctor. It was my first time, and I was nervous. After being in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals all last year, I developed a distaste for the experience. Plus, going to a doctor in a foreign country just feels off. What if their bedside, or chairside, manner is different? What if they give me some weird medicine? What if they force me to undergo acupuncture??

Nothing bad happened. One of my Taiwanese co-workers took me to the local clinic, where, after giving up my passport for ID, I saw the man. He sat in a little partitioned room not quite hidden from the waiting area, looked at my list of symptoms and typed stuff on the computer, felt my glands, checked my temperature, and looked in my throat. Then he prescribed medicine which I then received, along with my passport, and we left. That’s it. It took about fifteen minutes. Best part, I paid around $17 for everything; visit, medicine, and taxi both ways. Cheap or what? I mean, it was staggering.

Anyway, moral of the story is – I was a scaredy-cat for no good reason, it was fine, I’m almost better, and I think I’d take Taiwanese prices over American any day.


*P.S. Yeah, the pants are weird. But I love them. They’re amazingly soft and comfortable, and really, really cute. The shop is called Dailo. Don’t bother looking it up – you won’t find it online, at least in English. I tried. It’s a chain full of strangely shaped clothes all featuring monsters or aliens in varying degrees of cuteness. I also bought a shirt that looks like it’s eating my legs. Ah, Taiwan, you make me lol.


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