into puzih – an adventure in circuitous route-taking


Near(ish) to us there’s a small town called Puzih. Over the weekend my friend and I took a short trip there on a hunt to discover a coffee shop we’d seen before. It took a bit of wandering, since we had no idea where the place was – but we found it in the end.


85c is a chain – there’s one in every town we’ve visited. It’s pretty good; not the best I’ve had but not bad. The main selling point is the huge variety of cakes and the price. We each got a smoothie and dessert for under $4(US).

I wanted to include these pictures to give you an idea of what a typical, small Taiwan town looks like. Mixed in with the ramshackle, smushed together buildings are more modern developments that look much like what you’d see in America.


And, of course, the ubiquitous 7, happily reminding us of the upcoming holiday. Thanks.


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