trip to tainan – part 3

More pictures of Tainan!


We ate lunch here. Noodles, octopus, other stuff of which the identity remains a mystery. Fairly tasty.


These last few were from a shaved ice place. I love Asian shaved ice, since it’s nothing like the American version. If you’re familiar with Korean food, you may know it as patbingsu. Same concept, but usually without ice cream. Just take a bunch of yummy things and put ice on it. The white round things translate to “Glutinous rice balls” which make them sound a lot more disgusting than they are.


Close-up of one of many temples all around Taiwan.


This lady owns a stand on the side of the road; she hand-turns mango juice in ice until it becomes ice cream. Not really cream, since it has no milk; more like sherbet. Really good.


Views from the entrance to “Little Holland.” I have no idea what the rock says. It was just big, so I took a picture.


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