trip to tainan – part 1


A co-worker recently took us to Tainan, a city famed for its garden beauty. We toured a sugar factory, several art museums, ate some weird lunch foods, got shaved ice and sugar cane juice, and ended up at a “Little Holland” park with an imported Dutch windmill. I’m glad I’m getting to see more of the island; I like exploring, but it helps when you have someone who lives here along with you. Best of all, everything but the food was free! And because we were foreigners, we even got to see some roped off sections of the museums. Hoorah for standing out!

Below are all pictures from the sugar cane factory/art museum park. The bear statue towards the end is the Taiwanese bear, who apparently has a distinctive white “v” on its chest. Not that I’d really know. I haven’t met one yet.




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