This is Penelope. I think the first mistake was naming her. It creates attachment. She was cute, she was the only friendly stray we’d had…*sigh.

We’d had quite a few strays, but she hung around. Aww, we thought, how sweet. She lets us pet her. It will be okay, we thought, to give her a bit of scraps.

Boy are we stupid. Not only does she hang around, she won’t go away. She does nothing but follow us around, howling for food, getting under our feet, and sitting on the ledges outside the doors and getting her head banged every time someone opens them. Now she’s figured out that she can open our doors and get in our dorm, where the tasty food is.

First she ate the raw chicken we’d left out to thaw. Then she ate the moldy tortillas (fine by me, but really?). Then, on the night we forgot to lock up, she came in, probably spent the night, but did stick her head through the rubber ring in the sink drain to get at the scraps there, and consequently was seen wearing a new necklace.

We can’t get rid of her. So she owns us now. Blech. The one time I hate a cat.



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