a community outing

Last weekend we went to a community fair held at a nearby university. It was a lot of fun, and fairly typical of events in Taiwan.


There were various nifty things around, such as this guy making some sort of scrolls or stamps. At any rate, he was carving characters into stone. Really beautiful work. There was also a booth for getting your make-up done (we saw some itty-bitty girls with a full face, feeling it as if they would fall off), one for getting head massages, and other crafting type booths.


The performances are the big thing. They vary from traditional dances to Tai Chi to traditional music. I hope I can be in that good of shape when I’m older…

I think we were the only foreigners there. I didn’t see any others. As we were sitting, a student who knew our leader and was helping host the event came up and greeted us. All well and good, right? Well, right before the music performance, suddenly people start looking at us and laughing and elbowing us, obviously in good fun. I had missed it, but our friend has announced that we were there and that he hoped we would enjoy these traditional Taiwanese events. Oh, yeah, and then a photographer took our picture. Hmm, I think we’ll be in the local paper. Great.


One thought on “a community outing

  1. yt says:

    The carver is making seals, which are a particular type of stamp. It’s most commonly used as a signature on official documents. Some seals can have sayings or images. If you have a Chinese name, you should definitely get a seal while you’re in Taiwan!

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