give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! We had our official dinner a couple of weekends ago with the rest of the Taiwan teams; with actual Thanksgiving food. But on the day of, we also needed to do something.


Lovely place settings, but what to go on them?


McDonald’s, of course! Yeah, I know, it’s sacrilege. But Taiwan doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so it’s not like we could eat the traditional holiday food here. After a long day of work, we just wanted to stay home and not cook or eat cafeteria food. So McD’s it was!


Sparkling blueberry champagne soda to toast! Finished off with apple pie, passion fruit, and ice cream. Delish.


We each had five kernels of corn, a throwback to the Pilgrims, so we took turns saying five things we were thankful for. Things like food, family, the team, good health, God’s work in our lives, and our extended Taiwanese family. Love you all!


(Can’t wait for Christmas!)


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