in other news: scholarships

It’s easy to get so bogged down in my time here that I forget the life I left in the States. I will stay here only until next July, at which point I will return home to complete my BA, God willing.

I had considered doing some school online here, but it just didn’t work out. Not enough consecutive study times, difficulty in getting textbooks, and the time difference all worked against me. I’m not chuffed though. It will be nice to have this year-long sabbatical before buckling down to some serious schooling.

I was talking to my parents about all this, and they had a great idea on what I could do to prepare in the mean time. And that is; get a boat load of scholarships. There was a girl, apparently, who won thirty-nine scholarships. That’s a LOT. But the catch is…she entered over one thousand. Holy moley. I don’t have aspirations quite that high, as it would mean entering about three or more a day until I get home, and that’s too much.

But fifty is a doable goal. There are plenty of monthly and weekly scholarships I can enter, as well as the one-time or once-a-semester types.

So, in preparation for my life back home, I am entering scholarship! I’ve done three so far! Woot! (My eyes are crossing in sarcasm. Three is too little.)


P.S. For those interested, I’m mainly using a website called Zinch to find and enter them. It hooks you up with scholarships according to your eligibility and university choices.

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