fight club or friends?

Photo Nov 12, 9 36 14 AM

We all know that guys fight to be affectionate. They punch and hit and throw each other down, laugh, get up and hug. Men. But what you may not know is that some girls do the same thing.

See, over the weekend, since there was a handy judo room available, the guys got some gloves and started sparring. I guess a few of them are taking classes, so they wanted to practice. I’ve taken TKD in the past, and watching them got my blood up. I really enjoy fights.

At any rate, my friend started sparring a bit with one of the guys, and so I decided I wanted to fight her, as she was willing and able.

It was awesome. She punched me three times in the face, I punched her twice in the face, we got some rib shots…yeah, it was just plain awesome fun.

She told me that she was really happy I punch like a guy, rather than some of the girls she has to spar with. I too am glad she could fight.

Photo Nov 12, 9 16 45 AM

We’re both fairly bruised. If you can tell, she has a bruise on her hand. It’s from my face. My face beat up on her hand. Unfortunately you can’t see the bruises on my face, since they’re pretty light. Ah well. No battle scars this time.


PS – thanks to my dear friend for editing these pics!


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