when batman goes “tik”

There’s a well-known fact about Asian countries; they are notorious for mangling English. Now, let’s make sure we realize that we do the exact same thing with Chinese characters. My Taiwanese friends have laughed themselves silly over some of the shirts we Westerners sport.

There are better examples out there, but I happened to notice one of our students this week wearing this, and had to snap a picture.


The shirt says: “Batman – The Hero Does Not Disappear – Batman is a fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and wreter Bill Finger.A comic book superhero, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27”

Oh, and Batman is saying “Tik.”

That is verbatim. And it’s surprisingly accurate. Occasionally you will find things like this, where it looks like they just read a page or book about something. I saw one shirt that had a segment of something that looked like an oven motor manual. Sometimes you’ll see random letters put together to make nothing like a word. Sometimes the order is just off, or they talk about “love being the universal nugraine (migraine?).” At any rate, enter any clothing store and be prepared to laugh.



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