coffee house


The first time, it was closed. We breezed by on our bikes; I remember shouting to announce the fact that there was a large wooden building that said it had good coffee.


The second time, it was open. So we swung our bikes into the parking lot, showering gravel everywhere, and headed inside. Immediately we were met with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The interior and exterior were both made up of wood. The entire place was bathed in that dim and soft light caused by the chandeliers bouncing off the walls. Coffee beans were spilling out of bins in the lobby, and a friendly waitress with wonderful English was waiting to escort us to our rough wooden table.


After ordering (two cappucinos, one latte, one milk tea) we admired the general décor, and especially the fine china and strange coffee contraptions.


The coffee was, of course, excellent, and another waitress came over while we were drinking to talk to us. She had been to college in Seattle, so her English was also wonderful, and it turned out that her father, a famous architect, had designed the coffee shop. It was a family run business, and you could see the love and care in every tiny detail and curve of wood in the place.



Note: We will be heading off for the weekend for some inter-team training, so I probably won’t post until next week. See ya later!


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