green tunnel


In Yunlin county there is a place called the Green Tunnel. Actually, I’m not sure that’s the actual name, translated or otherwise. But it’s green, and it’s in a tunnel shape.


After a forty-minute bike ride, you top a hill and see a crowd of cars and mopeds all congregating towards one area. As you come closer, you see a giant bee circling a sign. No, this is not some B-class horror film worthy of MST3K. This is the Honey-Bee Museum. Sadly, I can tell you nothing else, since we have yet to enter. One day…

At any rate, once you park your preferred method of transport, you may then enter the Green Tunnel. Easy enough, as it’s just the canopy of trees above that make it.


There are food vendors, singers and musicians, samples carried on trays by small children, arcades, bumper cars, stinky tofu, healthful bumpy rock paths, large balloons, bonsai and orchids, smelly wood, an area for spinning tops, and much much more!


This man is the top-maker, and also an organic farmer. You can generally find a small crowd around him as he turns out tops (haha).

I’ve been twice now; I will probably go back to visit the museum and spend another Sunday afternoon drinking avocado milk and hanging with friends, Taiwanese or otherwise.




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