taichung night market


Over the weekend I was taken to the Taichung night market by some of the teachers. It was awesome! We started the evening with a pizza from the Bravo restaurant. It’s more like a walk-up stand type thing, so we ate it while walking, but it was delicious.


Some pizza here is strange; think shrimp and random vegetables. But occasionally you can find real pepperoni or something like it.



Ordering pizza is a very serious business.


It was really crowded! Taichung’s night market is very well-known, and in most of the streets, there’s hardly room to elbow around. You’re moving at a snail’s pace rubbing shoulders with strangers all the way down.


The infamous tea stand. Infamous because it’s addicting. A large delicious and cold drink for less than a US dollar? I think so!


The shoe stores along the night markets are dangerous for me. I haven’t been tempted enough to buy, but it’s a struggle every time. At any rate, I snapped these pictures before the lady told me I wasn’t allowed. Whoops.


And here’s me taking the illegal pictures. (All the pictures of me were taken by one of my Taiwanese teacher friends. Thanks love! )


This was a little enclosed shopping area within the market that had some very fancy shops. Most of them were Korean; it’s a fashion that’s popular here, but you have to pay more.


Weird Americans.



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