After training last week, we stayed over for the 10/10 holiday, taking the opportunity to go to Tamsui. This is the last stop on the northern line of the MRT, and it dumps you out onto a seaside town with a day-time shopping area a bit like a night market. Basically, this means a ton of little shops lining the streets that sell everything from hand-towels and sunglasses to toys and fried squid on a stick.


I could smell the sea coming off the train. The wind was cool, blowing my face into a smile. What else can you do when the sea is saying hello?

We wandered around and bought presents and cool stuff, ate at McD’s (of course, what else?), met some people we knew and generally enjoyed ourselves.


A man was doing his best to fly a kite. He had to be at least sixty, but there he was, concentrating with all his might on this frivolous and happy diversion. Just to see that kite fly in the air; we weren’t the only ones who stopped and watched. We applauded when it flew.


The street vendors were out in throngs, selling t-shirts and bubbles. Selling happiness for kids and Americans with cameras.


We could have the spent the day there. We went down one and half streets; next time we shall go down all of them, and we shall bring our own kite and lie in the grass and watch it soar.




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