another perspective on taipei


We had training in Taipei this week. After a month of teaching in our semi-rural area, it was a nice change to see the big city. 10/10 is a big holiday here; it’s Taiwan’s birthday, so on Wednesday we stayed over and went to do some sightseeing. But before that, we did our training and enjoyed some delicious food!


Waiting at the HSR station. I love these trains. An hour and half ride to the other end of the island.


Happy Birthday Taiwan! A walk in the city at night.


Yeah, this is where I work now…. >.> Not. I wish; but we just had our training here. Such a nice clean building…


More views of Taipei. Crowded city.


We rounded off the last day at a hotpot restaurant. It was fabulous. As one of my team-mates says, “That was good and now I’m fat.”


All in all it was a great couple days of training. I would really like to visit this city more and expand my knowledge of it.



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