a hairy situation

Never thought I would get two haircuts in the space of a month in a foreign country where I can’t communicate with the stylists. Talk about a tricky situation. But I’ve done it.

When I came here I looked like this.


Then I went with one of the Taiwanese teachers to get this cut. That wasn’t too stressful, since there was someone there who could speak to the stylist.


And then there was the last time. I went with my team-mate, and between us, we only know a little classroom Chinese. I had a TW teacher write a little note, saying I wanted a shampoo and cut, but apart from that and the reference pictures I brought, I was on my own.


It turned out really well though. I ended up doing a little trim myself at home to add in some layers, but over all I’m very pleased. I think this brave and daring excursion of mine was a success. So take heart, ye travelers! Don’t be scared to get your own locks chopped!



8 thoughts on “a hairy situation

  1. Very stylish and cute! You pull off the shorter cuts really well! I’m getting my hair chopped off next week for my birthday. I can communicate just fine with the stylist, but I’m still nervous because I’ve never gone that short. Nervous, but mostly excited!

    I love these updates! :) I’m kind of (a lot) jealous of your life right now. ;)

    • The Otter says:

      Ha! I’d almost rather have gone with you to England for that little bit. Almost, but not quite. Anyway, I think you will also look really good with short hair. Can’t wait to see it!

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