the seven


You guys have all heard me talk about it. The legendary seven. Better known as 7-Eleven. Heaven? Well, for us, maybe. Us silly Amurricans love our junk food. So do the Taiwanese, which is why the convenience store culture has boomed here.


During our teaching weeks, we often need a break from the school atmosphere. So, we hop on our bikes and head down to the seven, where we stock up on delicious drinks, chocolate, eggs, ramen, and anything else we might need. You might be thinking, “Hmm, that sounds different than the sevens I’m used to.” You’d be right. Let me take you on a tour.


First, there are the drinks. Tons and tons of drinks. Teas, coffees, strange juices, normal juices, aloe juices, and more!


I could probably have a different drink every day for two months. Sheesh.


“Lays!” you might be thinking with relief. But wait, look closely, and you will see a roast chicken on that label. Fortunately, roast chicken flavored chips are actually pretty good. As are the “fries with ketchup” flavored chip straw things next to them.


And next to the somewhat normal snacks are the traditional Taiwanese snacks; things like dried squid legs, dried fish, and other mysterious dried things.


Moving on, we have the milky drink section. It has some juices, but mostly coffee, yogurt, and milk drinks. You can have taro, strawberry, chocolate, mango, banana, and a host of other flavored milk. Some of it is pretty yummy. Same for the yogurt. Both drinkable and spoonable. But the coffee is my favorite. There’s this Chocolate Latte drink for about a dollar that’s divine.


Lastly we have these. I have no idea what most of it is, but I think it’s fish balls and meats and more fish pastey things swimming in murky brown water. Yum? I’ve never actually seen anyone buy them, but they must. On the other side are the normal, tasty hotdogs. Just watch out, because ketchup and oden sauce look very similar…

So there you have it. A small tour of 7-Eleven. One of the main attractions of Taiwan.


4 thoughts on “the seven

  1. I’m in Japan and our 7-11s are the same, except we have a whole section with bento boxes which all go on sale late at night because they want everything to be fresh! So not like in the States!

  2. YT says:

    I’m still not used to calling it seven. I’m pretty sure we called it 7-Eleven when I was a kid. Besides food, seven is also a place to buy tickets and pay bills.

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