in town


Post before last I shared some pictures of our walk to town. Well, continuing on, here are some pictures IN town.


What’s interesting to watch for is the style and development patterns here. America, being a mostly urban/suburban nation, and being heavily influenced by the motorized culture, developed around roads and highways. Here, as in many countries elsewhere, there are no highways, so towns are built to accommodate walking and the public transportation system. Shops are closer together, houses are either on top of shops, next to them, in apartment buildings, and if you do live in the country, it’s on your own farm.


This is a small town. It has a small grocery store for dry goods, several fruit and vegetable stands, and some other random stores I can’t define. Bigger towns would include more clothing, pharmaceutical, and specialty shops.


But of course, this one does have a tea stand. It wouldn’t be worth calling a hamlet without it.


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