a few little things


This is the mug I bought here. It’s ridiculous and adorable.


These booklets are handed out by the convenience stores. I’m not sure if there are more, but the two main ones are Family Mart and 7-11. This one above is from Family Mart. When you purchase enough, they give you stickers, and once the book is full, you can redeem it for whatever prize is currently offered. It’s super fun.


Waking up to the lovely sunny haze every day, in the magic hour before the morning starts.


The stationary here is amazing. Kids use these small, thin journals in class that are perfect for just about anything. And much much cuter than the ones in the States. I thought this series above was very appropo, knowing me.

It’s the small things that matter. The little details that make life here different. There are a thousand and one things like these, so I’ll run this series for a while.



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